Compression Molded Thin Wall Silicone Part

Project description:

Thin Wall Silicone Part
Thin Wall Silicone Parts

Our engineering team here at Elastomer Technologies has a talent for finding innovative approaches to molding parts with difficult geometries. To effectively mold the sphere-shaped product highlighted here, we worked with a client in the medical industry from the early stages of product development. The severe undercut in this thin-walled, hollow part needed an inventive method to design, material, tooling, and processing.

After reviewing the initial drawing, we presented the client with an option for modifying the design for better manufacturability. In compression molding, undercuts are typically avoided because of the difficulty it causes when removing parts from the mold. However, we developed a practical solution for un-molding the parts that eliminated risk of damage. We also recommended use of a medical grade silicone rubber compound with good tear strength, and arranged to have it custom compounded.

Tooling was a very important aspect for the success of this project. Close collaboration with the mold makers enabled us to create a solution that allowed for fast cycle times and easy release of the part, which featured dimensions of 1.5″ in height and 1.0″ in diameter. Using the precision tooling on our 25 ton compression molding press, we produced sample parts for first article inspection. With quality confirmed, we proceeded with fulfilling the client’s order.

By tapping into our expertise early on in the process, the client was able to satisfy their production goals for this component. We have been manufacturing this product for several years now, in lots of 200-500 parts per order.

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Thin Wall Silicone Project Details

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Special mold making technique
Custom material compounding
Compression molding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Specially designed mold.
25 ton compression molding press.

Overall Part Dimensions

1.5″ tall x 1.0″ diameter

Tightest Tolerances

Best effort.

Material Used

Specially compounded high tear strength silicone rubber.

Material Finish


Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

First Article, first off production, 100% in-process inspection, post process inspection to visual and drawing specification.


200-500 parts per order.

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3 weeks