Industries Served

Elastomer Technologies, Inc. is a California-based leader in rubber molding, die cutting, and prototyping services. We deliver high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers, serving a range of industries including the medical and dental sectors. Our custom parts are reliably safe, strong, and cost-effective for use in even the most critical of applications.

Services & Capabilities

ETI has various molding & die cutting capabilities. Compression molding uses pressure to form preheated or preformed raw materials like rubber or plastic in a mold. Transfer molding places cold preformed material above the mold and utilizes pressure from a plunger to form the material as it moves into a heated mold. Liquid injection molding involves a sealed mold, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and a high-pressure injector to push the LSR into the mold.

For prototype molding, our services include pour molding room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV) silicone for rough mockups, transfer or compression molding of HCR or liquid silicone for high-quality prototypes, and injection molding of HCR or liquid silicone rubber for jobs needing replicable components in large volumes. We also generate medical silicone prototypes and consumer product prototypes to better assist our clients in those industries.

At ETI, we utilize pre-cut dies to shear, cut, or deform various materials and generate shaped parts. Our die cutting services include high-speed conversion for cutting light parts used in packing and precision applications and traditional die cutting for quickly cutting components up to 24 inches. We also do some light stamping and slitting.

Industries & Applications

ETI Industries infographic

At ETI, our customers in numerous industries utilize our molding and die cutting services for varied applications.

Medical & Dental

Our expertise in compression, transfer, and medical injection molding allows us to manufacture a wide range of medical and dental products. ETI utilizes high-quality materials resistant to bacteria, mold, and chemicals. We maintain an ISO 13485 certification and our ISO Class 8 cleanroom to fabricate safe, quality products for critical medical sectors like neurosurgery, cardiology, oncology, and more. Our products offer numerous beneficial features, including ease of sterilization, temperature resistance, lack of taste or odor, hypoallergenic properties, and durability.

Silicone Grommets for Surgical Kits - Medical & Dental Industry

Silicone Grommets for Surgical Kits

We supply the medical and dental industries with the following products:

  •     Instruments with soft-touch and antimicrobial ergonomic grips
  •     Orthopedic support devices and tools
  •     Respirator hoses, masks, and tubes
  •     Seals, O-rings, gaskets, and valves that offer high-precision and consistent flow
  • Parts for surgical kits

ETI can manufacture custom products for these industries, even those with unique geometries. Our team developed a custom thin wall silicone part for a client in the medical industry using our unique compression molding experience. The custom part required innovative thinking in its design and production. ETI utilized a practical method of un-molding and medical-grade silicone to give the parts good tear strength.

We also custom-designed silicone grommets for use in dental surgery kits. Our team relied on liquid injection molding with multi-cavity mold inserts and our cleanroom to fabricate these tiny, textured grommets in large quantities with tight tolerances and high accuracy. 


Silicone Rubber Thin Walled Disc Valves - Specialty Industry

Silicone Rubber Thin Walled Disc Valves

At ETI, we manufacture custom specialty components, such as engine parts, pressure membranes, nozzles, die cut gaskets, and seals, to deliver high performance in unique applications and extreme conditions. Our expertise allowed us to develop silicone rubber thin walled disc valves for a client in the medical industry. ETI designed the tooling to push the limits of our liquid injection molding capabilities to create the thin part, ultimately using a gate outside the component’s diameter for optimization of material flow into its mold.

Food & Beverage

We supply injection molding food products and die cut food packaging for the food and beverage industry, along with transfer and compression molding capabilities. ETI creates products for common applications such as custom-molded antimicrobial grips in utensils, whisks, and spatulas. We also manufacture gaskets, O-rings, and seals with low creep, along with safe grips and handle covers for trays, pans, and pots to absorb heat.

Consumer Products

Silicone Valve Gasket - Consumer Products

Silicone Valve Gasket

ETI provides molding, stamping, and die cutting services for numerous consumer products, with compression and transfer molding being the most useful for producing a wide variety of unique parts and shapes. Our team developed a flow control valve for use in consumer and medical applications. The client required high volumes of the valve in tight tolerances and precise geometries, and we relied on liquid-silicone injection molding for manufacturing.

Choose ETI for Industrial Molding & Die Cutting Services

ETI serves the medical, dental, specialty, food and beverage, and consumer products industries with high-quality solutions. Since 1975, we have delivered innovative and intelligently developed medical-grade products utilizing our expertise in die cutting as well as injection, transfer, and compression molding. Our products meet or exceed strict industry standards and specifications with the highest quality, complexity, and longevity possible.

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