Compression Molded Thin Wall Silicone Part with Undercut

Project description:

Insert Molded Thin Wall Silicone

Over the past 30+ years here at Elastomer Technologies we have achieved a strong track record for developing inventive solutions that push the limits of molding technology. One of our clients challenged us to mold stainless steel inserts into a thin-walled section of a compression molded diaphragm. Despite the exceptional degree of difficulty, we dove right in and engineered a robust process to accomplish this goal.

Two critical aspects of insert molding thin wall applications are a high degree of control and using the proper tooling. For this project, the client supplied us with a two-cavity transfer mold. We designed a stable process to hold the inserts in place while applying exactly the right amount of material. Our team took the time up front to choose an elastomer with the appropriate mix of qualities to form a strong bond with the stainless steel inserts, even in extremely thin .008″ wall sections.

Molded from 30A durometer high-strength silicone, the diaphragm featured overall dimensions of 1.5″ in length x 1.5″ in width x 0.250″ in height. In-mold bonding enabled us to produce a strong product with a high quality surface in a single molding operation. Although the molding process itself was complex, our technique was remarkably effective and key to producing a quality assembled part. The client was once again impressed with our capabilities and we continue to supply this diaphragm in various colors, 250 to 500 units per order.

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Thin Wall Silicone Part Project Description

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Compression mold

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

25 Ton compression molding press, customer supplied tooling and inserts.

Overall Part Dimensions

1.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.250″

Material Used

30A durometer high strength silicone in a variety of colors

Material Finish


Industry for Use

NDA in effect

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

100 % inspection


250-500 parts per order

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3-4 weeks

Delivery Location

Corona, CA