Compression Molded Syringe Tip

Syringe Tip Molding

At Elastomer Technologies we have an exceptional background for fulfilling high volume orders for the medical industry. The syringe tip highlighted here is one example of a product that we process in our ISO Class 8 cleanroom, and it represents the type of work you would find on our manufacturing floor on an everyday basis.

We were involved in the project from the prototype stage through ramp up to mass production. Molded from high consistency, medical grade white silicone rubber, the syringe tip features overall dimensions of 0.100″ in diameter x .250″ in length. We mold them at the rate of 10,000 units per week and ship them to the client bagged in 100 piece packages.

Molding for this device involved developing critical processes that provided assurance of accuracy, repeatability, and a high level of quality. We took a scientific approach to validate the tooling and develop a robust molding process with optimized cycle times and maximum machine efficiency. Our IQ, OQ, PQ data-driven process development ensured we collected all process data to satisfy compliance and regulatory record keeping requirements.

To meet the clients pre-determined requirements, we engineered a transfer molding process using a 25-cavity mold built with an A2 finish. Rubber transfer molding offered short cycle times and supported a high degree of precision on the complex undercut geometry of the molded piece. Our de-molding technique allowed for clean removal without risk of hot tearing the parts to ensure high yield rates. We performed quality checks throughout every run, ensuring that all parts satisfied the required ±.005″ tolerance.

We developed this production process using equipment technologies to enable low-cost, high-quality manufacturing at the current volume requirements. As quantities increase, this part is a candidate for transition to an injection molding process, which would provide greater economies of scale. Our foresighted approach to process development allows for shifting to injection molding without having to change or re-qualify the materials. A significant increase in order size would justify investment in an injection mold to drive overall unit cost reduction.

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Compression Molded Syringe Tip Project Details

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Compression molding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Clean Room
  • 25 ton compression press
  • 25 cavity transfer mold
Overall Part Dimensions

0.100″ diameter x .250″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

High consistency medical compatible white silicone rubber

Material Finish

A 2

Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Beginning, middle and end of run.


40,000 per month

Delivery/Turnaround Time

10,000 per week