High Speed Converting

High-speed converting is a specialized process of transforming raw materials like rubber cardboard, paper, plastics, or metals into precise shapes using die cutting equipment. The primary goal is to complete this change rapidly without compromising precision and quality. This technique is beneficial in industries requiring efficient and quick production of components.

With over 35 years of die cutting experience, Elastomer Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has the expertise to promptly complete projects. Our proficiency is evident in the seamless execution of multiple processes, incorporating high-speed automatic Preco work centers, clickers, traveling heads, and punch presses. This array of capabilities enables our high-speed services to handle various materials adeptly.

Importance of High Speed and Precision in Die Cutting

Here are the key reasons why die cutting requires high speed and precision:

Consistency and Quality

Achieving consistency in product output is essential for any manufacturing process. Precision high-speed die cutting ensures that each piece is uniformly produced. This not only meets stringent quality standards but also instills confidence in the reliability of the manufactured components.

Cost-Effectiveness in High-Volume Runs

High-speed die cutting significantly reduces processing time, which leads to cost savings in labor and resources. Moreover, the efficiency of handling large quantities makes it a financially viable option for businesses engaged in mass production. This contributes to a more cost-effective fabrication process.

Efficiency and Productivity

Rapid processing times allow for quicker project turnaround, enabling manufacturers to meet tight deadlines and take on more projects. This increased throughput directly enhances overall operational efficiency and makes the production process more dynamic and responsive.

Material Savings

The accurate shaping and cutting of materials ensure that each part is crafted with minimal waste. This lessens the overall cost of raw materials and aligns with sustainable practices by reducing environmental impact through responsible resource utilization.

Reduced Post-Processing

The precision attained during the earliest phases of die cutting translates into less post-processing needs. Only minor tweaks or refinements are required after cutting, saving time and resources. It also improves the manufacturing pipeline’s overall efficiency.

Tight Tolerances

The machinery’s ability to consistently produce components with exact specifications guarantees that each part fits together. This is particularly crucial in medical device manufacturing and aerospace applications, where the end product must be reliable and functional.

High-Speed Converting Services Offered by ETI

ETI caters to diverse manufacturing needs with the following high-speed converting services:

Automatic High-Speed Die Cutting

We leverage state-of-the-art Preco equipment to execute automatic high-speed die cutting. This process is particularly advantageous for companies with substantial annual production volumes exceeding several thousand parts per run. Furthermore, the integration of automation enhances efficiency and contributes to heightened precision in the cutting process. Projects can be fully automated depending on the material requirements, ensuring a streamlined operation from start to finish.

High-Speed Stamping

Our high-speed stamping services are tailored for materials and geometries demanding a specific finished cut. This highly accurate tooling is well-suited for applications involving plastic, PTFE, rubber, paper, and light gauge metals. In addition, the precision offered by high-speed stamping ensures that each cut meets exact specifications. This makes it an ideal solution for industries with stringent requirements for accuracy and quality.

Specialty Support

We go beyond standard services by providing specialty support, including complementary die cutting capabilities for additional finish work. Traditional presses supplement high-speed processes by providing flexibility in managing precision cuts that may require more intricate support than a high-speed press can supply alone. This comprehensive strategy ensures that we can meet our client’s diverse needs.

Partner With ETI for Your Die Cutting Needs

ETI has consistently delivered a comprehensive package of stamping and cutting services to manufacturers across every sector! Our capabilities include combining materials with adhesive backing, working with specially molded thin walls, and handling custom thicknesses, assemblies, and tooling. This ensures that our clients can find everything they need.

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