High Speed Converting

With over 35 years of experience in custom die cutting, Elastomer Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has the expertise needed to complete projects on any timeline. Performed with multiple processes, including high speed automatic Preco work centers, clickers, traveling head, and punch presses, our high speed stamping services can accommodate a wide range of materials, component shapes, and production volumes.

High Speed Converting and Die Cutting

High speed stamping presses are specifically engineered to provide key functionality, high performance, and consistent operation under demanding conditions. These presses provide efficient high volume cutting for precision parts made of rubber, plastics, foam, sponge, film, adhesives, and hook and loop materials. Regardless of the project’s scale, our high speed presses can create packaging materials with close tolerances on tight turnarounds.

For projects requiring both speed and accuracy, we offer:

  • Automatic High Speed Die Cutting supported by Preco equipment. This process is ideal for companies with annual volumes of more than several thousand parts per run. Depending upon your material needs, these projects can be completely automated to further improve precision and streamline operations.
  • High Speed Stamping for materials and geometries that require a particular finished cut. This highly accurate tooling is best used for applications involving plastic, PTFE, rubber, paper, or light gauge metals.

Specialty Support for High Speed Converting

In addition to high speed stamping, ETI offers complementary die cutting capabilities for additional finish work. Our traditional stamping presses, for example, are well-suited to precision cuts that require more support than a high speed press can provide.

For projects less suited to stamping, we perform traditional die cutting of both small and large parts with our clicker machines, including traveling head presses. These tools have lower upfront costs, easy set-up, and multi-cavity tooling cycles, accommodating parts up to 24.0”.

The team at ETI is also proud to craft kiss-cut adhesive backed materials upon request. Simple to use during assembly, these materials are often used with bolstered off-set tooling on the high speed Preco press. This kiss-cutting process is a cost-effective and accurate solution for any project that entails large numbers of parts, and it offers the advantage of boxing at the machine.

Versatility and efficiency are the foundations of our contract services, and maintaining a full fleet of cutting technology enables us to cater to every possible custom need. We handle all orders in a facility backed with ISO 9001:2008 certifications, and our average lead times are among the fastest in the industry.

Getting Started with ETI

ETI’s high speed stamping services are trusted by professionals in defense, packaging, aerospace, medicine, film, and other major industries. Our customers count on us to provide premium quality components at any volume — from one hundred to one million pieces — with tight timelines and stringent specifications.

In addition to custom stamping and die cutting services, our team offers molding, custom slitting, contract sewing, assembly, and packaging. We combine material with adhesive backing, specially molded thin walls, and even work with custom thicknesses, assemblies, and tooling.

For more than three decades, ETI has provided a comprehensive package of stamping and cutting services to manufacturers in every industry. If you’d like to learn more about what ETI can do for you, contact us today or request a quote from our website!

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