Die Cutting, Foam Foot Project Description

With our high mix of process capabilities, Elastomer Technologies is able to zero-in on the best solution to meet project requirements in terms of quality, turnaround, and cost. A local customer in the baby products industry approached us for a quote on mass producing the adhesive-backed Neoprene foam foot pad highlighted here. They supplied us with information about the product as well as a sample part. We made an initial determination on what material and adhesive combination would work best, and then worked with them to make several adjustments in order to meet their quality and price targets.

Since no drawing was available, we reverse engineered the part geometry and created a six cavity die. The combination of automated material feed, multi-cavity die, and automatic rewinding on our flatbed die press allowed us to process this job at very high speed and with minimal manual labor, which helped keep costs low. Quality checks at the beginning of the run ensured the dimensions, cuts, and alignments were correct. We made additional quality assessments at several other points to ensure consistency, as well as a final check when the run was completed.

Constructed from IV4 Neoprene foam, the foam foot pads measured approximately 3.0″ in length x 0.25′” in width and 0.250″ in thickness. Produced to within ±.020″ tolerances, they completely satisfied the customer specifications, and they were very pleased with the overall quality.

Lead times are typically three weeks – two weeks for material sourcing and one week for production of up to 500,000 parts.

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Foam Foot Project Details

Project Name & Description

Kiss cut Neoprene foam foot.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

High speed die cutting.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Preco automatic die cutting press, six cavity die.

Overall Part Dimensions

Approximately 3.0″ x .250″ x .250″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

IV4 Neoprene foam, PSA one side

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Quality checks at beginning, during and end of run.


100,000 parts per run.

Delivery/Turnaround Time

2-3 weeks for materials, 1 week for production

Delivery Location

Corona, CA