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The right molding or die cutting method for a product depends on many factors. A manufacturer must not only consider the component’s size, shape, and function but also the end application’s environment, desired production volume, and ideal budget. To ensure the right fit for your project, it’s important to work with an experienced partner whose molding & die cutting expertise spans multiple manufacturing techniques.

At Elastomer Technologies, Inc., we’ve spent over 30 years translating our client’s needs into accurate, effective, and affordable solutions. We craft premium-quality products at every volume via our compression molding, transfer molding, rubber molding, liquid injection molding, and other processes. Whether you’re seeking prototypes or a high-volume production run, we’ll work with you to find the processes and materials that suit your needs.

Services & Capabilities

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ETI delivers top-quality products that successfully align with our clients’ expectations. We treat every project as a partnership, forming long-lasting relationships with our clients so that we can truly understand their needs.

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