Compression Molding of Fluorosilicone Control Buttons with Light Pipes

Project description:

At Elastomer Technologies we continually push the boundaries of technology to innovate new and unique methods for producing molded parts. For this project, we used our process ingenuity to create a dual-color control button with integrated light pipes.

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Control Button Compression Molding
Control Button Compression Molding

This project involved compression molding two different colors of fluorosilicone to create a product that would simplify downstream assembly operations. Fluorosilicone offered the advantages of high and low temperature resistance, superior color stability, and resistance to fuels and solvents. Our challenge was to create a strong bond between the two materials while not allowing them to blend or blur into each other.

Our process engineers developed a two-stage compression molding methodology that was labor intensive, but with a low annual production volume, that worked to our advantage. We capitalized on the technical capabilities of our trained workforce to execute a highly detailed set of steps on our 25 ton vertical compression press. When completed, the part measured 2.0" in length x 1.0" in width x .400" in height and exhibited an excellent distinction between the semi-transparent and custom-colored gray fluorosilicone. One-hundred percent inspection confirmed we upheld tolerances of ±.005" and met the client's high standard of quality.

This project was a win-win. The dual color molding made assembly operations more clear and straightforward for the client. Since we were the only vendor willing to tackle this project, they presented us with additional opportunities to quote and manufacture this as well as many other parts.

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Control Buttons Project Details

Project Name & Description
Buttons with light pipes
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Two stage compression molding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
25 Ton vertical compression press.
Overall Part Dimensions
2.0" x 1.0" x .400"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Fluorosilicone, semi-transparent.
Fluorosilicone, custom gray.
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Not disclosed.
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
100% inspection.
50-300 parts per order
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 weeks

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