Die Cutting, Stamping and Converting

Elastomer Technologies takes pride in its expertise at die cutting foam, rubber, plastic, PTFE, sponge and other materials and offers three types of equipment to create high quality flat shapes.

Traditional Die Cutting of Small and Larger Parts

Our clicker machines including the traveling head presses shown in the photo have the advantage of lower tooling costs, easy set-up and multi cavity tooling cycles for efficiency. The equipment can accommodate parts up to 24.0".

High Speed Die Cutting

Preco automatic die cutting equipment is efficient for annual volumes exceeding several thousand parts per run. This process has the added advantage of improved precision and can be run automatically depending on the material.

Kiss-cut parts for ease of use during assembly projects can be made with the correct material and tooling. Used with bolstered off-set tooling, the Preco press is capable of quickly and cost-effectively cutting large numbers of parts accurately and even boxing at the machine.


High speed stamping is cost effective for materials or geometry needing a more accurate tool and finished cut. Applications might include plastic, PTFE, rubber, paper, or light gauge metals.

Adding Value

Materials combined with 3M adhesive backing, specially molded thin wall or custom thickness materials, assemblies, and exotic tooling applications are available.

ETI has been die cutting and converting for over 30 years and can help you on your project. Please contact ETI today for assistance or to request a quote.