Compression and Transfer Molding

Compression and Transfer molding of parts is very reliable and cost effective for some projects. The more parts you are able to make per cycle, the lower the cost (less time per part).

ETI makes some beautiful and very complex parts with this technology. It is exceptionally versatile and flexible when addressing challenges with certain part shapes. In addition this process is excellent for parts requiring difficult to manage inserts, or special materials. In addition ETI offers new technology and new benefits.

  • Special processing in class 100,000 clean room is available to minimize exposure to airborne contaminant.
  • Investment in equipment has provided measurable time savings to keep rising material and infrastructure costs in check.

Silicone, Viton®, EPDM, Butyl, Polyisoprene, and Nitrile rubber are only a few of the nearly limitless materials that can be molded using this method of making parts. As with any process, a part design's geometry, function, material property requirements, tolerances, cost objectives and quality are all considered when choosing this process.

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